Nataliia Sokolova

Nataliia Sokolova

PhD (History), assistant professor of social and humanities of National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine.

ORCID: 0000-0002-5393-8567

DOI: 10.17721/2522-4611.2019.39.1


Abstract. History of development of trade education is represented in the Emperor's Kharkiv university in the first half of ХІХ of century. Methodological basis of publication was made by the historical and dialectical methods of research.

It is found out, that the Kharkiv university began work as higher educational establishment that had to give education to future officials. To the volume, in the first decade of functioning of establishment, basic attention applied not on professional preparation of future specialists, but on organizational and economic questions.

It is set that at the beginning ХІХ of century faculty advisors on 70 percents consisted of foreigners, however a situation began to change in 20-30th ХІХ of century, due to preparation of young teachers and scientists university. An educational process was taken to listening of lectures and handing over of examinations. Practical employments in an university are entered only from the second half of ХІХ of century At the beginning ХІХ of century only some teachers on own initiative conducted practical employments - rehearsals, where students could get points for the successful stowage of examinations. The analysis of remembrances of teachers and students of the Kharkiv university showed that considerable part of professors had carried out the duties not properly.Students also were not interested in the scientific thoughtful piece of work, what the wretched amount of the student advanced studies, published in the first half of ХІХ of century Moreover, testifies to, most teachers did not even try to bring over listeners to the advanced study. In general, the effective method of motivation of student young people to the studies was a punishment cell. Also, in the Kharkiv university a corruption prospered with that both higher officials and some students tried to contest.

It is well-proven that without regard to the constabulary orders set in an university in the days of reign of Nikolay І, in 30-50th, the pleiad of talented scientists that eulogized Ukrainian science was formed. Except that, the first student scientific groups begin in the Kharkiv university to be created, and self establishment will grow into one of centers of the Ukrainian national revival.

Keywords: professional preparation, the professorial staff, students, lectures, group.

Received by the editorial board: 23.08.2018


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