Taras Nahaiko

Taras Nahaiko

Candidate of History, Head of the Research Department of Historical Regional Studies of the National Historical and Ethnographic Reserve «Pereyaslav».

ORCID: 0000-0002-1439-3576

DOI: 10.17721/2522-4611.2019.39.12


Abstract. The article provides both historiographical and documentary review of the editorial portfolio of the 7th unpublished book of the magazine of the historical section of the VUAN "Over A Hundred Years." This unfulfilled edition contains a significant amount of valuable information about the history of the communist movement of the second half of the nineteenth century, which became an integral part of the Ukrainian national revival. The editorial office focused on the author's researches and materials that were provided by the authors for consideration in order to further publish them. Thus, the editorial portfolios of the 7th book focused on the author's scientific researches, documentary sources, epistolary heritage, and memories of the figures of Ukrainian communities and people close to them. The materials collected by the editorial office were not published since the magazine ceased to exist. However, their relevance is indisputable, because they reveal the pages of the ill-studied topic. The purpose of this research, based on the methods of historiographical and dissertational analysis, is the promulgation of up-to-date scientific information on community leaders and events, participants and witnesses of which they acted. From those very small parts of the created scientific work, available sources on the history of the Ukrainian revival, only some of the materials were published. That is why the information that has been preserved in the editorial portfolio of the 7th book of the magazine "Over A Hundred Years" gains its special importance.

During the period of being in the Russian Empire, Ukrainian intellectuals propagandizing the idea of national separation were subjected to all kinds of oppression by the authorities. The change in the national paradigm of history, which took place in the Soviet period, for a long time made it impossible to study the Ukrainian national civil movement. That revolutionary generation, which declared the formation of its own state – the Ukrainian People's Republic, either emigrated or was repressed at the time of Stalin's terror. Because of that, significant gaps have been created in the study of the Ukrainian national renaissance and its key centers - the Communities.

In the context of studying the history of the communist movement of the second half of the nineteenth century, our research attention is made up of official, private and historiographical sources contained in the editorial portfolio of the 7th book of the magazine "Over a hundred years." In previous works devoted to reviewing publications in 6 existing books of this magazine, we identified the following categories: scientific articles, documents, memoirs, letters.

It should be noted that these materials are both separate articles and their components are part of the structure of published scientific works. For example, official documentary sources, letters, memories, biographical materials of representatives of the communist movement act as a subject of a separate publication, as well as parts of scientific articles.

In consideration of this publication, we have taken all the materials of the editorial portfolio of the 7th book of the magazine "Over A Hundred Years", which were identified by researchers S. Pankova and G. Shevchuk in the article "Over A Hundred Years".

Using the materials of the manuscript kept at the Institute by the National Library of Ukraine named after Vernadsky, they pay attention to the presence of several registers, indicating the contents of the volume itself. In general, there are 5 lists that include the list of published work intended for publication in this edition.

The text of the article is a sequential review of the content of the listed editorial portfolio positions. In particular, let's dwell on the definition of the materials of the relevant sources representing the factual side of the Ukrainophilical community movement in the above-mentioned groups.

To do this, we offer the following classification.

The first group of materials - the most numerous and contains information on 1) events related to the communist movement of the 60's and 70's of the nineteenth century; 2) information on illegal activities and publications distributed among the Ukrainophilical intellectuals; 3) the actual persons - members of the Community, etc. According to this division, we note that we assigned two scientific works to the first subgroup, from F. Savchenko and O. Nazarevsky; to the second – L. Milovidov and V. Chernomorets (Drozdovsky); the third – researches and materials related to individual communities. These are the works of N. Buchbinder, M. Kistyakovsky, B. Shevelev, A. Doroshevich, M. Hnip, S. Scrob.

The final list of the works of the first group of materials is the study of V. Kravchenko, which contains some fragmentary information regarding the Ukrainophilical movement.

The second group of sources is represented by correspondence: M. Kostomarov, M. Kulish, M. Maksymovych and K. Mikhalchuk.

The third definite group of materials – memoirs and documents – is the final in this review.

It should be emphasized that materials of the editorial portfolios that have not been preserved can be found either in the archival storage or in the printed version. Their list was given by researchers S. Pankova and G. Shevchuk, which includes four positions. All of them are known for "Plate VII of the book. "Over a Hundred Years." At least two of them are directly related to the communist movement. It is possible that these materials will still be discovered by researchers.

The analysis of these materials in the editorial portfolio of the 7th book of the magazine "Over A Hundred Years" proves that the collection of this magazine is the largest in terms of the number and content of available materials. Despite the long process of creating, scientific resources have not lost their relevance, on the contrary, they have a significant potential in revealing the plots of the history of Ukrainian communities in the second half of the nineteenth century.

This publication is final in the cycle of author's inquiries devoted to the review and analysis of materials of the magazine "Over A Hundred Years" (books 1-7). The historiographic sources and documents found in them are a valuable bibliographic and source-study segment in the general array of research studies aimed at studying the processes of Ukrainian national revival and state-building that took place in the "long nineteenth century".

Keywords: Civil movement, a magazine «Over A Hundred Years», editorial portfolio, scientific researches, letters, memories, documents.

Received by the editorial board: 18.10.2018


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