Andriy Sydorenko

Andriy Sydorenko

Postgraduate student of the Department of World Ukrainian History, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

ORCID: 0000-0003-4144-7936

DOI: 10.17721/2522-4611.2021.43.4



Abstract. The article considers the peculiarities of the scientific and organizational activity of General-Cornet Vsevolod Petriv. The main aspects of his cooperation with higher educational institutions, scientific and military organizations are determined. The specifics of the development of the scientific and educational sphere for the training of officers in the conditions of camp internment are highlighted. The museum-archival activity of Vsevolod Petriv is considered. The purpose of this article is to conduct a comprehensive analysis of scientific and organizational activities of Vsevolod Petriv. The object of research is the figure of General-Cornet Vsevolod Petriv. The subject of research is the scientific and organizational activities of General-Cornet Vsevolod Petriv. The source base of the study are the documents of the Central State Archive of Public Associations of Ukraine and the collection Petrov Vsevolod. Military-Historical Works. Letters and Petrov Vsevolod. Military-Historical Works. Memories. The historiography of the study is represented by the works of V. Sergiychuk, S. Narizhny, O. Sukhobokova, O. Kuzhilna and L. Cherniy. In the process of preparing the article, such research methods as analysis and synthesis of source and historiographical information, historical-comparative and problem-chronological were used. With their help it was possible to comprehensively consider this problem and solve the tasks. According to the results of the research, the following conclusions were obtained: scientific and organizational activity of General-Cornet Vsevolod Petriv consisted of scientific and educational work among internment camps, lecture and teaching work in higher educational institutions of Ukrainian emigration, museum and archival work and cooperation with Ukrainian emigrant military-scientific societies. In particular, Vsevolod Petrov developed the project of the General Staff Academy, organized training courses for staff officers and officers for service in operational headquarters, prepared the publication of the magazine Ukrainian Trumpet, taught a number of subjects on military history, military theory, sociology and physical education in Ukrainian Higher Pedagogical Institute in Prague, the Ukrainian Institute of Social Sciences and the Ukrainian Workers University. He developed a number of conceptual provisions for the activities of the Ukrainian National Museum-Archive, participated in cultural and scientific events and lectures and publishing activities of the Ukrainian Military Scientific Society in Prague, cooperated with the Ukrainian Military Historical Society and the Ukrainian Historical and Philological Society in Prague.

Key words: Vsevolod Petrov, Ukrainian military emigration, military studies, Ukrainian Public Committee in Prague, lecture and publishing activities.

Received by the editorial board: 12.11.2020


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