Valentyn Domoroslyi

Valentyn Domoroslyi

Senior lecturer of the division of social, humanitarian and legal studies Uman National Horticulture University.


DOI: 10.17721/2522-4611.2022.45.6



Abstract. The article considers issues, connected with the activity of Maksym Kovalevskyi as a member of the First State Duma of the Russian Empire in 1906. One’s activity in the First Russian parliament and in Ukrainian duma community in conditions of Russian autocracy is analyzed. The aim of this article is to conduct analysis of the activity of Maksym Kovalevskyi as a member of the First State duma and a member of Ukrainian duma community. The object of research is a personality of Maksym Kovalevskyi. The subject matter of research is its activity in the duma. Source basis for the research are the documents of the central state archive of the higher government bodies and administration of Ukraine, Central state archive of the Russian Federation in Moscow, Russian state historic archive in Saint-Petersburg and collection of documents “Materials on establishment of the State Duma”, Duma collection. І State Duma of the first convocation (27 April — 8 July 1906), «Legislative acts of transition period of 1904-1906”, «M. M. Kovalevskyi as a scientist, state and social figure and citizen»). Historiography of the research is represented by the works of I. Usenko, N. Nikolayenko, O. Krasivski, A. Bezsmertnyi-Anzimov. In the process of preparation of the article the following research methods were used: analysis and synthesis of source and historiography information, historic and comparative, problematic and chronological. Their usage enabled comprehensive consideration of this issue and resolution of the defined goals. Based on the results of the research the following conclusions were achieved: the activity of professor Maksym Kovalevskyi consisted of legislative activity in the First State Duma and activity in Ukrainian duma community, meetings with voters and tries to make an individual impact on resolution of urgent social problems. Namely Maksym Kovalevskyi worked on development of the Charter of Duma and State Rada, rights and obligations of a member of duma, research of social opinions on the issue of autonomy of Ukraine, cancellation of death sentence, regulation of a right for strike of agricultural workers, publication of articles in the “Ukrainian bulletin” magazine.

Key words: Maksym Kovalevskyi, elections, Ukrainian duma community, State duma, parliament, autonomy.

Received by the editorial board: 1.11.2021


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